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Automotive metal stamping and fabrication for the automotive industry is a specialty for Seagull Mould. With innovative technologies, our expert team can design and engineer, manufacture, and quality maintain complex automotive metal forming projects for almost every platform.

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Precision Machining


Metal Stamping


Your Ideal Metal Stamping Partner.

With nearly twenty years of experience, Seagull Mould leverages an extensive knowledge base to ensure successful product launches. We have served virtually every industry from the inception of our business. While we may not know your company yet, odds are we have been supporting your industry for years and look forward to the opportunity of working with you.
Behind every successful project is a smart and talented team of engineers, armed with the latest and greatest tools and equipment, who work tirelessly to design and engineer the perfect product.

Material Strips

Progressive die stamping is widely used to produce parts for various industries. It consists of several individual work stations, each of which performs one or more different operations on the part.
In progressive die stamping, a steel strip is formed into a finished part in several operations.


With Seagull, quality is a continuous improvement process involving state-of-the-art manufacturing, critical dimension monitoring and testing equipment. From conception through to completion – done to exact specifications. Delivering defect-free and complete solutions positions us well for continued success.

Automotive Parts

Progressive stamping can be advantageous for any industry that has a consistent need for complex parts.
One of the most notable and consistent users of progressive dies is the automotive industry, which frequently requires smaller, more complicated parts.


Every design has its own unique set-up needs, including, usually, custom dies. At Seagull, we have years of experience with creating custom progressive dies.
In concert with our design and engineering team, our tooling experts can work together with your engineering department to set up a progressive die process that will deliver your part to exacting specifications.

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